Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I want to assure the fine readers of this distro's website that this is the finest issue of Gumshoe yet. Certain people have said that is a cold, impersonal document, but I believe that it is simply a product of our moods and the changing season. It is 4 pages longer than the last issue. It is much more beautiful. 50 of the covers are hand-crafted brown file-folders, which are really cool and each one is unique. The other 100 are a nice blue, and they all have a unique sketch on the inside cover by a very nice and talented girl from St. Olaf, to whom we are eternally grateful. If you look closely at your issue, you might find that it contains a sketch of me or Sam or David, all of whom were the subjects of multiple issue covers. Sam's are gross though because he didn't shave. Shave, Sam. You are grossing me out. As usual, issues are $2 postpaid, $5 for a three issue subscription. Subscription money can be sent into


I love you.

First Printing: 150 issues, 50 brown file folder, 100 blue personalized drawings.
In Stock: Quite a few.

(note: we won't be able to honor any specific requests for brown or blue. Sorry! One is just too hard to ship. If you catch me in person we might be able to make a deal, though. Rest assured that both are awesome.)


Tom said...

i really like issue five so far. i think its my favorite.


I was looking at it, imagining what it would be like if gumshoe blew up, like... got huge and was internationally known. and how valuable my first five original copies of gumshoe would become. and then i got this funny feeling, like... like their monetary value couldnt really surpass the value i already see in them. and. it was just odd because im greedy. like the money a lot. and. im broke right now, like real broke, so its even weirder. so good work guys.

PanzerV said...

this thing is amazing