Sunday, August 5, 2007


Gumshoe Four contains the thrilling conclusion to the Copt, some new stuff, and all the serials you've grown to like. It's a robust 32 pages. Subscribers will have their issues shipped out in the next two days. Hey, have you subscribed yet? You should. It's only 5 dollars for three issues. Get this issue while you can, because the next issue will probably not be released until the end of October. We will definitely run out of them by mid-September. In other news, we are considering releasing an omnibus edition of the first three issues of Gumshoe for people who arrived late to the party. Email us at if you are interested.

First Printing: 85 issues, 70 yellow covers, 15 tan covers
In stock: About 35 issues


PanzerV said...

where the hell is my gumshoe?

PanzerV said...

i got it today

constant_k said...

man tirth your anger is just tangible in that first comment there

Jason said...

we should do a promo like when they stopped serving whoppers at that burger king.