Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gumshoe 7 1/2: GP013

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMING SOON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

La Fin reprint: GP011

Full-color reprint of La Fin Du Monde. Very neat.

As stated by the author, La Fin Du Monde is:
"A record of the end of the world as seen by one person in particular."
It is printed in full color and is filled with original illustrations to match the charming narrative. The book is hand bound with Japanese stab stitching and has a hand stenciled cover.
"Who could say what came next?"
Full Color, 18 pages, 1/4 legal

In Stock: Unknown, try Etsy or comment request.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

6 POEMS: GP010

6 Poems is a new addition to the Gumshoe Press collection. It is a completely DIY project consisting of original poetry straight off the streets of Minneapolis. 6 Poems is real, it is unabashed and it needs you.

A note from the author:
"I started writing poems when I was nineteen. It was a hot year and a long time ago. These poems I wrote in winter. I thought of my first poem when I was walking down 15th with a sheet of stamps in my hand. I can't remember how it went. Thank you for reading."

The poems are printed on quarter sized premium bond paper and bound in a handmade hardcover book.

First Printing: Unknown
In Stock: Unknown (Try Etsy Too)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Sorry about the delay, folks. I got thrown in jail and the rest of the staff were really getting into Transcendental Meditation. At 40 pages this is our longest issue. We're doing a concept issue for this one so the normal serials aren't in it. But don't worry, they'll be back in GS7, which is coming down the printers any day now. Subscribers waiting for six: as always, don't hold your breath. It's making its slow way across the country (or the Earth) to your mailbox. Keep on checking, you know? As always, $5 for three issues. You should really think about resubscribing:


First Printing: 50 (? I don't know why this happened) gold covers
Second Printing: 50 Lime Greens
In stock: Technically negative issues, but, uh, we'll see what we can do.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I want to assure the fine readers of this distro's website that this is the finest issue of Gumshoe yet. Certain people have said that is a cold, impersonal document, but I believe that it is simply a product of our moods and the changing season. It is 4 pages longer than the last issue. It is much more beautiful. 50 of the covers are hand-crafted brown file-folders, which are really cool and each one is unique. The other 100 are a nice blue, and they all have a unique sketch on the inside cover by a very nice and talented girl from St. Olaf, to whom we are eternally grateful. If you look closely at your issue, you might find that it contains a sketch of me or Sam or David, all of whom were the subjects of multiple issue covers. Sam's are gross though because he didn't shave. Shave, Sam. You are grossing me out. As usual, issues are $2 postpaid, $5 for a three issue subscription. Subscription money can be sent into


I love you.

First Printing: 150 issues, 50 brown file folder, 100 blue personalized drawings.
In Stock: Quite a few.

(note: we won't be able to honor any specific requests for brown or blue. Sorry! One is just too hard to ship. If you catch me in person we might be able to make a deal, though. Rest assured that both are awesome.)

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Gumshoe Four contains the thrilling conclusion to the Copt, some new stuff, and all the serials you've grown to like. It's a robust 32 pages. Subscribers will have their issues shipped out in the next two days. Hey, have you subscribed yet? You should. It's only 5 dollars for three issues. Get this issue while you can, because the next issue will probably not be released until the end of October. We will definitely run out of them by mid-September. In other news, we are considering releasing an omnibus edition of the first three issues of Gumshoe for people who arrived late to the party. Email us at if you are interested.

First Printing: 85 issues, 70 yellow covers, 15 tan covers
In stock: About 35 issues

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Straight out of Max's basement comes the beefy new issue of Gumshoe (two weeks ahead of schedule!) This 32-pager is filled with lots of great stuff, including a brand new color cover and a true story told by master ranconteur Carter Kuehn. There are also tons of new illustrations and your favorite serialized stories, including a new column from that lovable vagabond Sam Snakes. This baby is priced to move at 2 dollars postpaid. Wholesale rates are available. As always, we would love to hear comments from you at

First Printing: 70 issues, 60 red covers, 10 green special editions.
In Stock: Out of Print